RadioPro is a UK retailer of Handheld Two Way Radios and accessories from top manufacturers such as Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Mitex and Motorola.  Established for over 10 years we have an experienced and knowledgeable team available to help you find the right product for your requirements.  In 2015 we moved on to becomming a completely E-Commerce based business, allowing us to remain competive in this rapidly changing market, passing the savings onto you, the customer; without compromising our high standards of quality and service.


Two Way Radios are available as either:


License Free (PMR446 or otherwise known as Walkie Talkie's)


Licensed (PMR or otherwise known as Commercial, Professional or Business Radios).


They are available in either UHF (Ultra High Frequency) or VHF (Very High Frequency).  The radio you decide on depends on what environment you wish to use it, what range you need to reach, and how durable you need it to be.  If you need any assistance with choosing the right model for you, our friendly team are on standby ready to answer any questions you have and advise you on the best products available.  Alternatively, further information can be found under each product section, either use the tabs at the top left of this page or click below for the information you require, or check out the information available on our blog:


License Free Radios - Explains the benefits of PMR446 radios, what they're suitable for, how they compare to Licensed radios and honest expectations of range.


Licensed Radios - Explains the benefits of a higher powered Licensed radio compared with the license free alternative, what environments they can be used in and what you can expect from them.