Licensed Radios

Licensed Radios

Licensed Radios

Licensed radios (otherwise known as PMR, dPMR, Professional, Business, or Commercial) generally work on 4-5watt power making them up to 10x more powerful than a license free radio and usually have a minimum 16 channel capacity.  This gives you much further range than a PMR446 radio, but the full distance of range will still depend on the environment you plan to use the radios in.


The main advantage of a licensed radio is the longer range, or distance you will acheive.  They are also generally more durable than standard "walkie talkie" radios such as Binatone or the high street models you see kids using. However there are many license free radios available these days that are made with the same professional chassis as licensed radios, and we have these more professional models available in our License Free range.  

Another advantage is that there are less users on licensed frequencies, giving you less interference and more privacy.  Although some PMR446 radios do have the ability to program the frequencies to personalise the channels for your individual use.  Licensed radios can be programmed with more obscure tones which will give you added security and if privacy is one of your requirements this is well worth considering.  We offer security programming on all Licensed radio models, giving you far less interference and much more privacy. Although this does not guarantee complete privacy, it is a far more economic option than a costly dedicated license.


Licensed radios are just as easy to use as license free.  Although you will require a license to use these radios it's much easier than you may think.  RadioPro offers "Easy Licensing" on all our Licensed radio models.  Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Request Easy Licensing programming when ordering your radio (Mitex radios come with this as standard.)
  2. Download the license application here
  3. Fill in the form, applying for "A new Business Radio Simple UK Light Licence".
  4. Send the form off with your payment of £75. (This amounts to just £15 per year, compared to expensive dedicated licenses.)
  5. You receive your license in the post, covering you for 5 years, regardless of the amount of radios you use.  

All Mitex radios come pre-programmed and ready to use under these licensing regulations.  All other manufacturers' are unprogrammed as standard so you will need to request programming to Simple Light frequencies when ordering.  Programming costs £10 per radio.  If you already have a license and are using existing radios we can also program any new radio to match your current channel programming.



The distance you acheive from a licensed radio depends entirely on the environment you use it in.  All radios work on the idea of "line of sight" which means the more obstacles you place between the two radios, the less distance you'll acheive.  Radio signals have to pass through trees, walls, hills, pylons etc, and each obstacle they pass through will weaken the signal further.  The larger or more dense the obstacle, the weaker the signal will be once it's penetrated the other side.  Keeping radios at a higher level can assist, e.g. near a windscreen in a vehicle, on a chest or arm rather than hip level, or by a window in a building.  As an honest review of the licensed radios we've sold and the feedback we've received from our customers, please see below for an idea of what you are most likely to acheive from a standard 5 watt professional handheld radio:

  • Vehicles or buildings - 1/2 - 1 mile (up to 1.5km)
  • Built up areas - 1 - 2 miles (up to 3.5km)
  • Wide open spaces - 3-5 miles (up to 8km)

Please also be aware that not all licensed radios are the same, different models have different power outputs which can range from 1W - 5W so please check this before purchasing.


​Digital radios give you far better audio clarity and crystal clear transmission right to the edge of range, compared to analogue models. Whilst many manufacturers are still producing analogue radios, digital is the way the communications market is pushing forward and although analogue is not planning on being tuned out any time soon, if you're thinking of long term communications then digital is definitely worth considering.  Most digital radios have an analogue mode so you can continue to use them with an existing fleet until you're ready to upgrade fully.

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