About Us

Radio Pro

A family run UK retailer of handheld two-way radios, walkie talkies & accessories.  Great products and a great service, with 10+ years’ experience.

RadioPro is a family run communications company established since 2006, specializing in Two Way radios (walkie talkies) and accessories. Initially providing a vast range of repeaters, mobile and handheld radios, and aftermarket accessories; both new and used, for retail or hire; we later condensed our range to the specific retail of handheld 2-Way Radios (walkie talkies) and their accessories. Whilst being primarily based in Northamptonshire, in 2016 we became an exclusively E-Commerce based company, enabling us to remain competitive in this ever-advancing market.

Our products are selected from the most renowned brands, giving you complete assurance of quality and confidence. Our handpicked range enables us to provide you with the best products for your individual requirements and our professional, experienced staff can advise you every step of the way to ensure you get the right product at the right price.

Our range

Our range is designed for the following user environments:

Private Use

Allotments, convoy, camping, gardening, hiking, beach holidays, skiing, horse riding, cycling.

Business Use

offices, hospitality, shops, storefronts, security, schools, car parks, events, caretaking, scout groups, cycling clubs, motocross, karting, boating, golf courses, casinos, night clubs, game-keeping, holiday camps.

Industrial Use

warehouses, garages, construction, water treatment, farming

Meet our team

Shelah Chandler – Owner

If you’ve seen the cheesy welcome video on our home page, then you’ve already met me! I started working in the 2-way radio industry in 1998.  I spent 9 years with the same company, working through each department until I left to have my first child.  I gained a great deal of experience within the company, from warehousing to accounting to customer services and more.  My product knowledge grew to such a degree that unfortunately yearly stock takes became mandatory for me as I knew the products so well; instantly seeing if there was a product misplaced on the shelves!

In 2012 I re-entered the world of 2-way radio communications through employment with RadioPro.  By 2015 the opportunity arose for me to take over the business, giving me the privilege of having a work / mum balance for which I am incredibly grateful.  I now run the business from home, enabling my children to have me when they need me whilst still putting food on their table.

Running a business and having a family has its challenges, but I always pride myself on continuing to give customers the best products and the best service.  I personally take responsibility for the care of each customer, so you’ll probably find I’m the first person to answer the phone.  And if you ever have cause for complaint, you will not find yourself passed on – you will deal directly with myself and can rest assured that any issues will be resolved. 

So now you know a little more about who we are, I encourage you to look at our blog or peruse our range in the online store. I look forward to assisting you in the future.


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