Two Way Radio Black Spots

Customer Success Story 1 - Radio Black Spots

The facilities manager of a government building had an analogue radio system of handheld radios between security, cleaning, and maintenance staff. They were initially happy with the system but there were areas in the buildings that they just could not get the radios to work.

After some time, they resorted to having members of staff placed in the black spots to then relay communications on. A “quick fix” that impacted on staff productivity, health and safety and security. They needed a real, long-term, and cost-effective solution to the problem.

After discussing their issues, budget, and individual requirements for each team; an LTE Network radio system seemed the best solution. After visiting the customer on site with a few different models to try, they were delighted to find they could achieve clear communication across the entire site with ease!

What’s more, the LTE POC system allowed them to also incorporate additional health & safety measures for their staff.  A dedicated SOS button was programmed on each handset for in the event of an accident or emergency. The additional dispatcher software program allowed them to track each radio with GPS and co-ordinate communications from one “control room” function.

Overall, the new system empowered the facilities team to achieve superior levels of security and employee safety, and increased staff productivity with reliable communications and tracking.


Customer was so happy with the product and service, we’re now in the process of setting up another of their buildings with a similar system.

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