Using Radios in a Leisure Facility

Customer Success Story 2 - Challenging Environments

A large leisure complex needed to communicate clearly throughout the building and after considering various models and costs on the web, they purchased a set of analogue radios which they thought they’d be happy with. But the complex had a variety of environments, which proved to be a challenge to their choice of radios.

Front desk used the radios with no issues. Some users in the gym areas however were finding the durability of the radios were not what they’d hoped for. And moist conditions in the pool area and the occasional submersion when a radio was dropped into the pool was rendering some of the radios useless.

This had implications not only on communications but also health and safety requirements within the complex. Replacement handsets were also proving to be costly. They needed a solution but were now limited on budget.

After consulting with RadioPro, a cost-effective remedy was achieved. Firstly, a set of waterproof radios were found within budget for the pool areas, which were programmed to communicate with their existing set of radios. Any inevitable mishaps were no longer fatal to the handset and the need to replace them was eradicated.


For areas where the radios needed to be more robust, these were gradually replaced with more suitable models, again programmed to communicate with the existing set-up. The facility now has a mixed fleet of radios that suit every area of the complex and are very happy with both their radios and our level of customer service.

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