Radio Interference Case Study

Customer Success Story 3 - Radio Interference Solutions

An education facility needed to communicate instantly across the premises. Not only for staff in general but to compliment health and safety. They were currently relaying messages on foot which was impacting on productivity. Admin staff were spending time away from the office and communication during staff breaks was affected. A more suitable solution was needed, one that would:

  • incorporate communication both on and off premises
  • contribute to health and safety requirements
  • accommodate a small budget

After consulting with RadioPro, a solution of robust analogue radios was found within budget, whilst still catering for all their requirements. Customer was extremely happy with the purchase and the new network transformed the way they operated.

After some time however, a construction company started work in the area and the channels became very congested. They tried to use alternative channels, but they were still getting unwanted conversations. Also, security and safety of the facility communications were now compromised.

An immediate solution was needed; one that didn’t require further consumption of precious funding. A file creation service was put in place, and the radios were returned during a week the facility was closed. They were re-programmed and returned within the week. The facility re-opened with clear channels and the customer was once again very happy.

Since the original purchase, they have gone on to purchase further units, all programmed with their unique codes, and delivered in a matter of days.

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