Two Way Radios (Walkie Talkies) For Schools

Communications across educational facilities can be a challenge as there is often a mix of large buildings and smaller metal mobile units which can interfere with radio signals.

There is also privacy / data regulations to comply with. Audio quality is also a factor in more vulnerable facilities where clear communications are essential for the safety of both staff and pupils.

License Free Two Way Radio For Schools

Mitex PMR446 Xtreme License Free Radios for Schools

Durable enough to handle the bustle of school life but still compact and lightweight for continued use. A simple option that will reach up to 1 mile depending on the building structures. A basic analogue radio for those on a tight budget.

Licensed Two Way Radios For Schools

Mitex Link Licensed Radios for Schools

A robust yet very compact licensed radio which gives you more reach than a license free radio. This radio uses frequencies that are less commonly used, giving you a little more privacy from other radio users. The license application is very simple and costs £75 for 5 years.

Mitex General DMR Digital Two Way Radio For Schools

A durable, licensed digital radio giving you superior audio clarity in noisy environments and more private communications than analogue. The license application is very simple and costs £75 for 5 years.

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