MITEX General UHF Two Way Radio

MITEX General UHF Two Way Radio

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Mitex General Two Way Radio

The Mitex General Two Way Radio is both compact and durable. So this makes them suitable for most business, lifestyle and leisure applications. Its compact design and high standard of manufacturing give you clear, reliable communication. Therefore, the General model is ideal for those wanting simple, reliable two-way radio communication. Mitex General Two Way Radios come pre-programmed as part of our “Easy Licensing” option. So, they are ready to use straight from the box. Using 449MHz Business Radio Simple UK License frequencies means all you have to do is fill in the form in the box. (Or if you prefer you can complete it online.) This means with one payment of £75, you’re covered for 5 years, regardless of the number of radios you own.

Pre-Programmed to UHF1 frequencies: 449.3125 MHz, 449.4000 MHz, 449.4750 MHz

Because the range of a radio varies depending on the environment you use it in, we offer you the realistic expected range of:

  • Vehicles or buildings – 1/2 – 1 mile (up to 1.5km)
  • Built up areas – 1 or 2 miles (up to 3km)
  • Wide open spaces – 3-5 miles (up to 8km)

But you could achieve better than this in some instances. So we have explained it in further detail in our FAQ page.






  • Mitex General Two Way Radio x 1
  • Rechargeable 1300mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack x 1
  • Standard 15cm UHF Antenna x 1
  • Hand Strap x 1
  • Belt Clip x 1
  • Desktop Charger x 1
  • License Application Form (£75 for 5 years covers all radios you own)
  • Instruction Manual

The twin pack multipack option contains 1 x twin packs

The quad pack multipack option contains 2 x twin packs

However, the six pack multipack option contains 3 x twin packs and a 6 bank charger


Mitex General Specification Sheet  Mitex General Manual  Simple UK Light License Application Mitex Product List


Mitex General Technical Specifications

Description  Details
Frequency range (Preset by Mitex)  403-470MHZ
Number of channels (Preset by Mitex)  16CH
Span of channels (Preset by Mitex)  25KHZ / 12.5 KHZ
Step of channels (Preset by Mitex)  5, 6.25KHZ
Working Voltage  7.2V DC +/- 20%
Battery  Lithium Battery (1300mHA)
Working temperature  20℃ to +60℃
Frequency stability  +/-2.5ppm (-20℃ to +60℃)
Antenna Impedance  50Ώ
Dimensions  52 x 28 x 100mm (not including bulge)
Weight  200g (including Battery and antenna)


Weight2 kg

26 reviews for MITEX General UHF Two Way Radio

  1. Madders112

    I’ve been using these radios for a few weeks now and have to say they are an excellent piece of kit. Having used a multitude of PMR’s over the last few years and found them all sadly lacking in performance and reliability I decided to pay a little bit more for radios with a bit more oomph and quality and I have to say I’ve not been dissapointed. The radios are small and lightweight and feel like quality items. Very simple to use, no LCD displays that require constant referral to a manual to work out out to turn mostly unnecessary features on and off, Quite simply set the things to the same channel as the receiving unit using the rotary switch 1, make sure its turned on using rotary switch 2 and push the button on the side to talk! The sound quality is immeasurably better than I’ve had using PMR’s. Range wise I’ve had a good clear signal over undulating countryside with my partner 5 miles away. As with all the claims made by manufacturers I would take the 25KM range with a large pinch of salt – maybe across water. No hesitation in recommending these units at all.

  2. S. Riches

    I did a lot of research before getting a pair of these and that included an exchange of e-mails with Director of Mitex, Paul Clarke. He very kindly answered a few questions for me, from which I learned that VHF may have better “carry” in open country (but the spec is a bit higher and they can only be bought as single units which cost more) whereas these are UHF which is better for punching through trees, buildings etc. You can get longer screw-on transmission aerials for this pair of units and it can help with longer distance transmission, but you have to get those add-on aerials direct from Mitex at around £15 each. Bear in mind that you must be licensed by Ofcom to run these 5w units, at time of writing the licence is £75 for 5 years and all details for applying come in the box. You need to ask for the Business Radio Simple UK Light Licence.
    Bear in mind too that cheaper pairs of walkie talkies are around for the .5 of a watt ones and you do not need a licence to run them. Do some search engine burrowing to see which of the many types of these are best…I got a pair from Tesco for £9 and they carried 1.5 miles easily in open country and even in the enclosed space of a huge ocean liner they carried from one end of the ship to another, so it is horses for courses, really. But if you want a step up from those, these are the ones.

    Back to this pair of Mitex General…I wanted better more reliable distance and in my opinion these represent the best you can get and the price of a pair at under £150 is remarkable. Don’t believe the transmission distances which many people who sell these things will quote. In normal open country I got 4 miles but of course if you are on one mountain top and your mate on another then you may well double or treble that – but life’s conditions are rarely ideal! From inside a car to the inside of a house I got 1.5 miles. I reckon that is good. These 5-watt units will not carry 10 times further than the licence-free .5 watt units, it doesn’t work like that, but over twice the carry is good for me!

    These are easy to use straight from the box, I’m not mega technical but assembling the bits took 3 mins and was a breeze. They charged-up quickly in their mains-power charging cradles.

    Two criticisms, me being pernickity…1) you have to use the re-charge batteries (which last well) but their built-to-purpose shape means there is no slot available in an emergency for powering them from, for instance, 4xAA normal batteries,and, 2) Given that you on one unit and your mate on the other unit need to be on the same channel to talk to each other, the little white numbers are so tiny that in bad light (or if you have poor eyesight) it’s a real struggle to see which channel you are on!!

    The build quality seems good and even an idiot could use them easily (other than struggling to see which channel is which in poor light) and of the 5w units available I don’t think you find any that are better, and there are lots that are worse.

  3. straight talking

    I bought these and have subsequently bought another set of Sport Mitex. These General Mitex work on UHF. This means that they work well outdoors as well as between buildings. VHF are really good for Open Countryside, but I can’t fault either set.
    I haven’t done the 10 miles open air test, but I can confirm that they work across usual outdoor areas to 1 mile easily, with buildings and trees in between.
    Don’t waste your money on the usual Walkie Talkie talkie’s unless you can see your walkie talkie talkie partner.
    Some of the cheaper ones are ok, but not a patch on these. Mitex Customer Care is excellent too. I had a query which was dealt with by Paul, Director at Mitex in 1 day. So, I won’t be need to go anywhere else for Walkie Talkies. Remember, these are the professional range and should have a licence, which is £75 for 5 years. Good luck.

  4. Ian Davies

    I must say “It’s a fantastic unit and it won’t let you down”. It does what it says on the box. The licence fee is only £75.00 for 5 years which is nothing.

  5. catalin c

    Only good things about them. I bought 4 pieces and after 3 month i bought 5 more. Long range, about 6 km with standard antena and with car antena about 15 km.

  6. Jan T

    I Bought a set of these today after struggling to get cheaper ones to work in my building. I wanted to communicate with a second part of my building that is 3 concrete floors above me and around 100 meters down a long n arrow corridor and the strength of signal is brilliant. I bought them from maplin who said I could return if they did not work. As they are set up for immediate use I was able to check if they would work as soon as I got back to my unit. I returned to the store an hour later to buy a second set as I am delighted with the product. Lots of systems advertise the distance or range of cover, but very few make any reference to how many floors up the signal would reach

  7. Mark Underwood

    Good product works well, distance not measurable but certainly a good few miles great speaker and clear communications

  8. Mark

    Competitively priced on here compared to the rest of the Interweb. I got this for use when marshaling cycle races with the National Escort Group and they seem pretty good. I think the signal range quoted on the packaging is a bit exaggerated for normal use (25km or 15.5 miles in the country) as unless you’re talking to somebody else from one mountain top to another with nothing in between then this distance will always be less. But then again these are still supposedly 10 times more powerful than license free PMR radios so this extra power helps to power the signal around buildings and trees etc.

    The radio is very compact measuring 115 x 60 x 35 mm (at the widest point and from the base to the top of the buttons). The antenna is another 150mm long but Mitex do sell stubby versions, but presumably this affects the signal range too.

  9. Mrs T. Hodson

    Excellent product. Excellent product. Arrived quickly and well wrapped. Very useful for when on the boat or if you are a distance away from each other. Good clear signal and easy to use. Would recommend to others.

  10. T. Hodson

    Excellent product. Arrived quickly and well wrapped. Very useful for when on the boat or if you are a distance away from each other. Good clear signal and easy to use. Would recommend to others.

  11. Captain Klunge

    Hugely disappointed. We run a car club and regularly organise drive outs and rallies, mostly in rural areas in the West and South of England, with up to 20 cars taking part. We also attend many car shows around the country during the year.

    Having read reviews on Amazon and Maplin’s sites, it seemed that these Mitex units were ideal for our communications needs particularly as we have experienced problems with limited range with licence-free 0.5W units we have used previously.

    On unpacking the units, we were pleased to find that the general build quality was good. The instructions too were good and easy to follow. In contrast, after testing the Mitex units over a couple of days, we were very disappointed to find that the maximum range we can achieve is not significantly better than the licence-free units that we have used before. We tried several configurations; static to static, static to mobile and mobile to mobile on all channels. So far, the best we have achieved is 2.8 km between a static unit on reasonably high ground and a mobile unit at a similar height with little in the way. A static unit based in town and a mobile travelling on a ring road achieved under 1.0 km. We never expected to achieve the manufacturer’s quoted ranges but to not be able to achieve even 10% of those ranges seems outrageous. To say we are hugely disappointed is an understatement. Having spent £260 for two pairs, not to mention £75 for an Ofcom licence, we feel conned. Worse for us is that other club members think we have squandered their money on so called ‘professional’ units where cheaper units would probably have fulfilled our needs at a fraction of the cost.

    Even more disappointing was Maplin’s rejection of the review (the same as this one) that we submitted to their site. It seems they don’t like any critical reviews of the products they sell and won’t publish them. Which may partly explain why they went bust 😜

    • RadioPro

      Sorry to hear you were disappointed, we have a number of rally clubs that use these radios and are happy with them. Sometimes when using in a vehicle it can act as a faraday cage which reduces the range significantly. You can resolve this issue by using the Mitex Magmount Antenna which takes the antenna to the outside of the vehicle, improving signal.

  12. KC Gustafson

    Our farm has a license for these (you technically need one–not expensive) and we use them to coordinate shoots and other activity. These have far greater range than VHF walky-talkies. Useful for anyone coordinating over 1-5km distances.

  13. RobertM

    Bought this to go with the four others I already have.
    Excellent radio. Works well, good audio on transmit and receive and measured power output is as advertised.

    It’s now May 2020 and the unit continues to work faultlessly, will be getting another couple soon.

  14. David G Steel

    Outstanding radios – robust, good range, battery seems to last forever.
    A VG general purpose radio, with plenty of channels, good range, small size and easy charging. We’ve been using these for years and keep adding to our stock. Only one we’ve had to junk, so far, had water ingress after a particularly filthy day out – and I suspect the person using it dropped it a few times and put it in a pocket that held water! Simple deign (on the outside), easy to use. Also easy to lose – so don’t forget to put the hand-strap on it; and we tend to use them with fist-mikes, meaning there’s a whole lot more to it – in terms of size and mounting on your body – so more difficult to “misplace”.

  15. P. J. Mcgrath

    Very good product
    Worked well on a recent trip to Italy. Range is less than quoted but that is to be expected as the terrain was quite mountainous on the trip. I think the range was good for about 1 to 2 kms.
    The battery seemed to last several days which was good although there is no obvious battery indicator.

  16. P J Mcgrath

    Worked well on a recent trip to Italy. Range is less than quoted but that is to be expected as the terrain was quite mountainous on the trip. I think the range was good for about 1 to 2 kms.
    The battery seemed to last several days which was good although there is no obvious battery indicator.

  17. A. Barefield

    We have always used Mitex radios and have found them to be very reliable and good value for money.

  18. Anthony

    Quality product mitex beats all of its competitors

  19. Shepherd

    Superb radio ruined by utterly crap chargers 🙁
    Performance is outstanding but the charger is a nightmare. A real knack to getting it to dock first time and I’ve had these radios for years! I’ve added to the initial two pack over the years but a simple drop in redesign of the AWFUL chargers is LONG overdue! Hence the 3 star rating ( the charger design is THAT bad) With a better charger, it’d be 6 stars all day long.

  20. Richard

    They do a good job. This is the second purchase of these for my employer, great little radio for what we use them for

  21. Mike F

    These units will work better when used with an external antenna plugged in, especially when in cars. They make a hell of a difference, very limited with a small rubber antenna supplied, but cant fault these little radios.

  22. searcher-uk

    Quality Radio, does what it says on the tin, you will not be disappointed.

    Identical model to the Mitex PMR446

    Just computer programmed to UK Simple Light 449MHz with higher power output (5 watts) & slight better antenna fitted + Mitex sticker on radio is red with word “MITEX” on it.

    ( UK Simple Light licence required from Ofcom ,£75 for 5 years)

  23. Robert

    very good for work in the forest
    Perfect .
    good value for money

  24. lovedagain2010

    Great Mitex radios

    Really pleased with the condition and easy usage of these Mitex radios. Clear signal and good range.

  25. StevieD

    These walkies were hardly any better than our license-free walkies. Unless you’re each stood on top of a mountain don’t expect much from these, especially in a built-up area. Our license-free ones give us 150 to 200m. I would say these added an extra 50m. I do understand a lot depends on your local area but the quoted built up distance is 10 km. Absolute joke!.

    • RadioPro

      Unfortunately without knowing the exact environment / buildings etc. you were trying to use these in it’s hard to determine what the issue may be. It would be great if we had more details so we could assist you further.

  26. Darren

    Excellent. Tried and tested, very powerful, can be used car to car, upto 2miles urban and upto 4miles rural, not cheap, but the best.

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