MITEX HD Heavy Duty UHF Handheld Radio

MITEX HD Heavy Duty UHF Handheld Radio


Mitex HD Durable Handheld Two Way Radio

The Mitex HD is IP rated and highly durable, making it the perfect solution for keeping you in contact with your team even in harsh environments. Ideal for the more “heavy handed” user, in areas such as warehousing, shot-blasting, sandblasting, garages, food retail, animal care, farming, agriculture, landscaping, and much more.

The high-capacity 1800mah lithium battery as standard allows you to talk for longer between charges, enabling you to complete a shift without interruption. The HD is Water, Dust and Vibration resistant and has the high power output you need to get longer range than license free. Pre-programmed and ready to use ‘straight from the box’, giving you reliable, quality, yet cost effective communications at your fingertips. This radio is programmed under our easy licensing option. See our “Licensed Radios” page for further details.

Because the range of a radio varies depending on the environment you use it in, we offer you the realistic expected range of:

  • Vehicles or buildings – 1/2 – 1 mile (up to 1.5km)
  • Built up areas – 1 – 2 miles (up to 3km)
  • Wide open spaces – 3-5 miles (up to 8km)

But you could achieve better than this in some instances. So we have explained it in further detail in our FAQ page.



  • Mitex HD Two Way Radio X 1
  • 1800mah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery X 1
  • Belt Clip X 1
  • Wrist Strap X 1
  • Desktop Charger & UK psu X 1
  • Licence Application Form (£75 for 5 years covers all radios you own)
  • Instruction Manual

Quad pack multipack option consists of 4 x single packs

Six pack multipack option consists of 6 x single packs and 6 bank charger

Mitex General Xtreme Product Specifications    Mitex General Xtreme Manual

Mitex HD Technical Specifications

Description  Details
Frequency range (Preset by Mitex)  400-470MHZ
Number of channels (Preset by Mitex)  16CH
Span of channels (Preset by Mitex)  25KHZ / 12.5 KHZ
Step of channels (Preset by Mitex)  5, 6.25KHZ
Working Voltage  7.2V DC +/- 20%
Battery  Lithium Battery (1800mHA)
Working temperature  -30℃ to +60℃
Frequency stability  +/-2.5ppm (-30℃ to +60℃)
Antenna Impedance  50Ώ
Dimensions  54 x 30 x 106mm (not including bulge)
Weight  250g (including Battery and antenna)
Weight2 kg


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