MITEX Site Robust UHF Two Way Radio

MITEX Site Robust UHF Two Way Radio

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Mitex Site Robust Handheld Radio


The Mitex Site model is designed for harsher environments such as building sites, sand blasting companies, industrial warehouses, outdoor events, car parking, and many more. It’s robust design makes it ideal for the more heavy handed user and comes complete with leather case for extra protection. With 16 pre-programmed channels under our “easy licensing” option. Just fill in the form that comes in the box or complete online, make a one off payment of £75 and you’re covered for the next 5 years. Ideal for users who want longer range without the extra fuss or expense of other 5 watt models.

Because the range of a radio varies depending on the environment you use it in, we offer you the realistic expected range of:

  • Vehicles or buildings – 1/2 – 1 mile (up to 1.5km)
  • Built up areas – 1 – 2 miles (up to 3km)
  • Wide open spaces – 3-5 miles (up to 8km)

But you could achieve better than this in some instances. So we have explained it in further detail in our FAQ page.



  • Mitex Site Two Way Radio x 1
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery x 1
  • Desktop Charger and UK PSU x 1
  • Belt Clip x 1
  • Protective Leather Case & Strap x 1
  • License Application Form (£75 for 5 years, covers all radios you own)
  • Instruction Manual

The quad pack multipack option consists of 2 x twin packs

However the six pack multipack option consists of 3 x twin packs and a 6 bank charger

Mitex General Xtreme Product Specifications      Mitex General Xtreme Manual

Mitex SiteTechnical Specifications

Description  Details
Frequency range (Preset by Mitex)  403-470MHZ
Number of channels (Preset by Mitex)  16CH
Span of channels (Preset by Mitex)  25KHZ / 12.5 KHZ
Step of channels (Preset by Mitex)  5, 6.25KHZ
Working Voltage  7.2V DC +/- 20%
Battery  Lithium Battery (2200mHA)
Working temperature  -20℃ to +60℃
Frequency stability  +/-2.5ppm (-20℃ to +60℃)
Antenna Impedance  50Ώ
Dimensions  54 x 31 x 116mm (not including bulge)
Weight  250g (including Battery and antenna)

Mitex Site Channel Frequency List

ChannelFrequency TX/RXTones CTCSS/DCS
01449.3125CTCSS 67.0
02449.4000CTCSS 67.0
03449.4750CTCSS 67.0
04449.3125CTCSS 141.3
05449.4000CTCSS 141.3
06449.4750CTCSS 141.3
07449.3125DCS 051
08449.4000DCS 051
09449.4750DCS 051
10449.3125DCS 116
11449.4000DCS 116
12449.4750DCS 116
13449.3125CTCSS 118.8
14449.4000CTCSS 118.8
15449.4750CTCSS 118.8
Weight2 kg

2 reviews for MITEX Site Robust UHF Two Way Radio

  1. Mr W

    Having had a few different handsets now, these are the best for the money so far! The Mitex Site is actually a rebadged chinese radio, the SFE S880 to be exact. In fact all the Mitex radios are actually SFE units. But don’t let that put you off!

    The ‘feel’ of the ‘Site’ is nice, it is quite a lump though. The battery in mine (came as standard) is a 2200 mah. Couple that to the slightly bulkier, ip rated handset and you have a fair old lump of a radio! Superb! It is definitely not a toy, nor does it look like a toy radio!

    The sound quality, although not as good as a TAIT handset, is still very very good for the price, especially when you consider the TAIT handsets are approximately 3 times the price. The range is terrain dependant of course, but I have reached distances of around 10 miles with fantastic signal/clarity – worth noting with out much in the way!

    The other thing worth mentioning, if you browse around the SFE website, when you find the SFE S880 details, you may notice the transmit power listed on the website for a UHF handset is NOT 5 watts, it is in fact only 4 watts. The VHF version handset available in China is the 5 watt radio. I’ve not hooked up any sort of power meter to the Mitex Site, but I wouldn’t be surpised if they were in fact 4 watts and not 5 as advertised.

    People say that if you want to buy a longer antenna you need to buy it through Mitex UK – I promise you this is not the case! Take a look on the well known auction site (rhymes with flea-bay) and look for a Nagoya female SMA tuned whip antenna – delivered from china for a fraction of the price and its a better antenna.

    I personally think that the ‘Site’ is the best model, rugged, ip rated, massive battery as standard, comes with desktop charger, and a case – all in for the price. Super.

    Now, I would have scored it a 5/5, however the down side to the Mitex branded radios is that you struggle like a flippen hamster on a merry-go-round to find the software to re-program to different frequencies. I’ve not asked Mitex UK myself for a copy of the software, but I am lead to believe that they do not sell it, or give out copys of it. For me that would have been a real show stopper, however I have managed to get a hold of the software for the Mitex Site.

    So, a great radio for the price! I will definitely buy another before to long – but ONLY because I have the software! If you’re happy to buy the radio and use it as is on a license, then crack on and buy it! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

    • RadioPro

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review. May I just advise that there is good reason the programming software is not readily available for this, nor any other make of licensed radio.

      Firstly, the radio is manufactured for licensed application, so the power of the radio and the antenna results in the use of the radio being subject to communication laws across the UK (and internationally). You can’t just program any radio to license free frequencies and assume you’re using it legally.

      Secondly, programming the radio yourself, if you’re not an authorized dealer, voids all warranty. You can cause damage to the radio if you do not program the radio properly. With regards to your comment that this is a rebranded SFE S880 – it is that ‘factory model’ but Mitex have changed internal components and circuitry making it different to this model and therefore the software you have may not necessarily be fully compatible.

      PLUS… we can program any radio for you, giving you the assurance of keeping your communications compliant 😃

  2. Chris R

    Does as it says on the tin.

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