How to Choose a Two Way Radio or Walkie Talkie?

DISTANCE AND RANGE – How far do you need your Two Way Radios / Walkie Talkies to reach?
If you just need something simple to reach up to 1 mile (1.6km) in open spaces then a License Free radio is the perfect choice for you (aka Walkie Talkie or PMR446). Use within buildings, built up areas or in vehicles will reduce this range significantly, so please consider the environment you will be using your 2-way radios (walkie talkies) in for the majority of the time. If you need something to reach further than this; anything up to around 9 miles (14km) in open spaces; then you will need a Licensed radio (aka PMRProfessional or Business radio). Don’t be put off by the sound of that, a Licensed radio is just as easy to use as a License Free radio. And because RadioPro offers all our customers “easy licensing”, all the hard work is already done for you. Just keep in mind you will need to pay £75 for a license (valid for 5 years for an unlimited number of radios) when considering your budget. As with license free radios, this range will reduce depending on the environment you wish to use your 2-way radios (walkie talkies) in.
VHF OR UHF – Which frequency band do you need?
This is a little more tricky, with varying arguments for both, so we’ve kept things simple for you here too. If you’ve already decided a License Free radio (Walkie Talkie) will suit you then this doesn’t apply as License Free radios only come as UHF. With the handpicked range of handheld radios that we offer, you can make this decision in one easy choice:
• I want to use my 2-way radios (walkie talkies) in wide open spaces, such as outdoor sports, equestrian, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, etc – choose a VHF radio.
• I want to use my 2-way radios (walkie talkies) in buildings, vehicles or in built up areas, stadiums or forestry – choose a UHF radio.

DIGITAL OR ANALOGUE – Do I need to go digital?

As with everything in this modern age, digital is the way to go. However, unlike television and radio, the two way radio communications world is not in a hurry to switch off analogue all together. So this question then, really depends firstly on your budget. If you don’t need crystal clear communications right to the edge of range or a host of included features, then an analogue radio is perfectly suitable for you. If you’re looking to keep your 2-way radios (walkie talkies) running for some time into the future or are dependent on clear, quality transmission every time, then a digital radio could well be worth your consideration. Ultimately a digital two way radio (walkie talkie) will generally beat it’s analogue counterpart hands down, you definitely get what you pay for. So if you’re looking for long term communications then digital is advisable if it suits your budget.


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