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TASSTA T Flex Software

TASSTA T Flex Software

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This software application is compatible with both android and IOS smartphones and devices. A simple to use solution comprising Voice and Video Calls, Voice Recording, Messaging, Status Messages, Tracking (including Indoor Localization), GPS Location Management, Task Management and more.

An advanced two-way radio system that can run alongside your other business applications so all your communication needs can be integrated into the one device - reducing the cost by eliminating the need for additional handsets.

This app can be installed on your existing android / IOS devices or you can use it solely for two-way radio communications and use it with a compatible radio handset, such as our Inrico S300 or T620 POC radios.

Using IP Networks - Cellular Data or WiFi - you can be sure of maximum operational capability even on slow data networks. We also offer our own private APN multinetwork sim to ensure you have the best possible connectivity.


  1. This software is renewed every 12 months so you need to evaluate the ongoing costs. If guaranteed, secure long range communications are not essential to your needs then the Mitex General DMR radio may be a more economical option.
  2. If you are currently using android/IOS devices this software can reduce the need to purchase additional handsets altogether. As your communication requirements change over time you can either add or discontinue use of each software user.
  3. Video Calls is an additional function that requires an additional charge. If you require this capability you can either add it on at the start or it can be added at a later date.


  • 1 x Software App link to download on the device of your choice
  • 1 x 12 month User License subscription
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